Leximancer automatically analyses your text documents to identify the high level concepts, delivering the key ideas and actionable insights you need with powerful interactive visualisations and data exports.


Leximancer supports processing text from a number of different formats and languages. Single or large document collections supported.


Leximancer TopicGuide


Leximancer TopicGuide is our latest technology for reviewing large reports and document collections. TopicGuide creates an automatic subject index for a document collection with zero configuration.

TopicGuide technology makes your personal review of any large report or document collection more efficient and more effective.

Leximancer TopicGuide is available exclusively on LexiPortal Version 5, from only $29 AUD per month (+GST). Learn more about Leximancer TopicGuide here.



Leximancer Concept Explorer is the go to text analysis tool for in-depth analysis of text. With minimal set up, and no term dictionaries, your text becomes an interactive workspace to allow you to explore and gain insight from the key concepts.


Find the Concepts In Context, not just a list of keywords

Text is more than a collection of words. Text tells a story. Ideas, concepts, and relationships are buried in the words. Identifying the concepts quickly and effectively is key to taking advantage of what text is really saying.

Customer surveys, published articles, interview transcripts, long reports, web pages, feedback forms, tweets, and more. Find out what is really being said.

Key Leximancer Features

  • Minimal set-up

  • No training sets or key term dictionaries

  • No human bias in analysis

  • Finds Concepts in Context, not keywords

  • Useful results fast

  • Concept and Network cloud visualisations

  • Sentiment lens

  • Concept exploration

  • Concept based document query

  • Multiple exports include:

    • Insight Dashboard Report

    • Concept Thesaurus


Leximancer Application Areas

  • Literature Review

  • Survey Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Social Media Monitoring

  • Customer Loyalty Analysis

  • Forensic Analysis

  • Interview Transcript Analysis


Introduction to Leximancer

Leximancer Concept Cloud

Leximancer Concept Cloud

Leximancer Analyst Synopsis

Leximancer Analyst Synopsis

Advanced Leximancer Features

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