We offer both general user training and bespoke courses on Automatic Content Analysis with Leximancer. Training is now completed for this year (2017). We will be recommencing both face-to-face and also online training in the new year, from February 2018. Please see our training blog for updates. 

There is also a wealth of training material available below for self paced learning. The full product manual is listed at the bottom.

Tutorial Guides

Introduction to Leximancer

This training presentation gives an overview of how Leximancer works. It covers the concept extraction process graphically.

First Leximancer Analysis

This training video shows you how to run a basic Leximancer project. It describes how to load data, run your first analysis with the default project settings , and interpret the basic results. It is highly recommended that new users and users new to Version 4.x view this presentation.

Content Analysis

For those who want to learn or refresh their knowledge of content analysis, this presentation is a good place to start. There are many resources available on content analysis (e.g., Basic Content Analysis, Weber, 1990), and this training presentation strives to cover essential points in  a short  overview.

Survey Analysis

This is a step-by-step guide to analyzing survey, spreadsheet, and tabular data with Leximancer. This includes information on how to construct optional frames (compound concepts), and how to export a simple spreadsheet of the coded results.

Tutorial Videos

A first Leximancer v4.5 Analysis


These videos were made using Leximancer 3 but the important techniques discussed are still applicable to Leximancer 4:

Analysing tabular/spreadsheet data.


Analysing conversational data.


Product Manual

This is the full Leximancer manual.

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