Upgading from Leximancer V3.5 to Leximancer V4.5

Please note:

  • Leximancer Version 3 is no longer supported.

  • The last release of Leximancer 3 was made in 2010.

  • The Leximancer V3.5 user interface required the use of Java Applets which are no longer supported by browser vendors.

  • The upgrade procedures described here from Leximancer V3.X to V4.0 or V4.5 are not supported and is provided as-is.

  • Please use the contact form to enquire about upgrade options.

1. How do I upgrade from Leximancer V3.5?

This procedure is not supported and provided as-is.


  1. If Upgrading to V4.5 you do not need to install Java.
  2. If upgrading to Leximancer 4.0, be sure to check that your Java version is reasonably current. See Java versions.

Make sure you have a proper backup of your computer or at least the entire Leximancer installation directory before upgrading or transferring.

The recommended upgrade procedure is listed below, this procedure will provide you with:

  • A backup of the Leximancer V3.5 installation on external media
  • A new Leximancer V4 installation in a different directory that has copies of all your V3.5 projects
  • The original V3.5 installation directory with all V3.5 projects

Backup procedure before upgrading:

  1. First backup your current Leximancer V3.5 installation:¶
  • Shutdown Leximancer V3.5 Desktop
  • Make a complete backup of your Leximancer V3.5 Desktop installation directory
  • Note: If you currently use backup software that backs up the disk Leximancer is installed on, such as time machine on Mac OS X, you may skip the next backup step.
  • Backup the Leximancer-Desktop-V3.xx entire installation folder to external media. (The installation directory name shown is for illustration only, your system will differ.) The Leximancer datastore and projects are in this folder. This will not back up your source text documents, as they may be anywhere on your hard drive. You must back those up separately. Make sure this backup has completed successfully and is valid.

Note: For Windows Users Only, your backup software must be able to handle long path names. robocopy is one copy program that correctly handles long path names.

Upgrading to V4.5

  1. Copy the ‘Leximancer-Desktop-V3xx’ to a new target folder on the same machine(eg: called ‘Leximancer-Desktop-V4’). Make sure there is adequate disk space before copying. This new folder name should match where the new version of Leximancer will be installed.
  • Windows: The default target is "C:\Program Files\Leximancer-Desktop-V4"
  • MacOS: The only allowed target is "/Applications/Leximancer-Desktop-V4". On a Mac, the installer will not allow you to select a different installation directory.
    1. Note: Make sure there is adequate disk space to make the copy.
    2. Warning for Windows Users, Your copy program must support long path names, robocopy from Microsoft can handle long paths. The standard windows copy program and the drag-and-drop copy using the File Explorer will often FAIL to properly copy long file names
    3. Run the Leximancer V4 Installer, selecting the (eg: Leximancer-Desktop-V4) directory as the target folder, if prompted. The installer may ask you if you wish to install to an existing directory, this is ok.

Start Leximancer V4. Your existing licence will continue to work in the new version. You should now perform all work with the new V4 version. The original V3.5 directory is only for backup / reference.

2. Using Leximancer 3.5 projects in Leximancer V4.5


  • This procedure is not supported and provided as-is.

  • If a project is modified or re-run in V4.5, results may not be identical as the text extractors have been improved since V3.

  • The original source text documents must be present in their original locations to re-run a project. Source text documents are not part of the Leximancer installatwion directory backup.

Leximancer V3.5 projects may be viewed in Leximancer V4.5 without re-running.

If you do need to make any changes to your V3.5 project configuration you will need to re-run the project from the very beginning as V3.5 projects do not contain enough information to re-run only later stages in V4.5. To re-run from the beginning, open the "Select Documents" dialogue box and click "Ok" to confirm the documents will be re-processed from the beginning.

The original documents must still exist for this to work. You may also see some changes from the V3.5 output if the project is re-run. The V4.5 engine uses improved text extactors.

If your existing V3.5 project map does not look correct in V4.5, as below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.38.34 am.png

Click on the recluster button above the map:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.38.49 am.png

To restore the map:

Screen Shot 2018-02-20 at 9.39.01 am.png

This re-cluster will only affect the current map. To make the map permanently usable in V4.5, the project must be re-run from the beginning as described earlier in this FAQ section.

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