Tutorial Guides

The below tutorial materials are complimentary and were designed for users looking for self-paced learning.

Introduction to Leximancer and Content Analysis

This training presentation gives an overview of how Leximancer works. It show how Leximancer is essentially a content analysis system, for providing the analyst with a transparent model of a large amount of text.

First Leximancer Analysis

This training video shows you how to run a basic Leximancer project. It describes how to load data, run your first analysis with the default project settings , and interpret the basic results. It is highly recommended that new users and users new to Version 4.x view this presentation.

Survey Analysis

This is a step-by-step guide to analyzing survey, spreadsheet, and tabular data with Leximancer. This includes information on how to construct optional frames (compound concepts), and how to export a simple spreadsheet of the coded results.

Product Manual

This is the full Leximancer manual.


Tutorial Videos

A first Leximancer v4.5 Analysis



These videos were made using Leximancer 3 but the important techniques discussed are still applicable to Leximancer 4.

Analysing tabular/spreadsheet data.


Analysing conversational data.



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