When requesting help from Leximancer support it is important that you provide as much information as possible from the list below. The more information we have the faster we can resolve your issue. 

Problem Description

Please provide a reasonable amount of detail describing what causes the problem, or what you were doing with Leximancer before the issue appeared.

  • Is this a new issue?
  • Have you been using Leximancer successfully up to this point?
  • Is this your first project? 

Screenshots often help, just before and / or after the error. Please try to make the screenshots large enough to be legible.

Leximancer Version

The full Leximancer version number such as V4.00.21L1, not just Version 4 or Version 3. The Leximancer installation file name contains all the details so providing the full name of the installation file is sufficient. 

The version number is also available from the help / about menu item on the Leximancer welcome screen.

If you are using the LexiPortal, just say LexiPortal, you do not need to provide a version number.

Operating System Version

The full operating system version, not just Windows, Apple, or OS X. This would be something like Windows XP SP2, Windows 7, OS X 10.8.4. It is also important to know whether the operating system is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Please note that Windows XP has reached end of life and is no longer supported by Microsoft. We are unable to provide support for Windows XP for new installations.

This is not required if you are using the LexiPortal.

Leximancer 4.5+ is only supported in 64 bit versions.

Browser Type and Version

The browser name and version number, such as Internet Explorer 9, Firefox 21, Safari 6.04.

Please note Leximancer 4.5 requires a modern browser to operate.

Java Version

This is only necessary for Leximancer versions earlier than 4.5:

This may be determined by visiting www.java.com and checking if you have Java installed. The check will display the version number. We may require you to follow this up with a more detailed check, but this is the minimum we require. 

This is not required if you are using the LexiPortal or Leximancer Desktop 4.5 or later.

Project Log

If you are having a problem running a specific project, please open the project log and send us a full copy.

There is a "project log" button in the lower right hand corner of the project control panel. If you have gotten an error message dialogue box when running a project, there is also a "view project log" button on this dialogue box.

Project Settings

If you have made any changes to any settings, please export the project settings file and send it to us.

There is an export project settings button in the toolbar at the top of the project control panel.

System Log

If you are unable to start Leximancer at all, please send us the system log file that is located at:

Version 4.5+:

  • LEX_INSTALL_DIR\var\logs\lexservice.log

Version 3 - 4:

  • LEX_INSTALL_DIR\logs\lexserver.log OR
  • LEX_INSTALL_DIR\logs\lex3server.log

where LEX_INSTALL_DIR may be something like C:\Program Files\Leximancer Desktop V4, depending on where you installed Leximancer.

If you are using an Apple Mac, the log file is normally located at:

  • V4.5 +: /Applications/Leximancer-Desktop-V4/var/logs/lexservice.log
  • prior to V4.5:
    • /Applications/Leximancer-Desktop-V4/logs/lexserver.log OR
    • /Applications/Leximancer-Desktop-V4/logs/lex3server.log

This is not required if you are using the LexiPortal.

Computer Details

The following information is of use for Desktop versions only:

  • How big is the disk drive Leximancer is installed on?
  • How much free space is on the drive?
  • How much memory does the computer have?
  • Have you changed the Leximancer memory configuration?
  • Has any other software been recently installed or changed?


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