Academic Products

Qualified academics and students may purchase a special, reduced cost Leximancer license. Leximancer Educational licenses are available at a reduced rate only for non-commercial use, by individual academics and enrolled students of recognised learning institutions. This offer is not valid for commercial customers.




Leximancer Desktop brings Leximancer text analytics to the stand-alone computer or laptop.

  • Leximancer on your computer
  • All Leximancer features
  • Browser based UI
  • Windows and MacOS
  • Projects and documents stored locally on your computer
  • Annual or Perpetual Licenses


Lexi-Portal provides the power of Leximancer in the cloud without requiring installation on your computer.

  • Leximancer in the cloud
  • All Leximancer features
  • Browser based UI
  • Zero installation
  • Projects and documents stored in the cloud
  • 2GB project and data limit
  • Monthly or Annual Licenses


For larger volume purchases, school wide purchases, or special circumstances, please contact us.

Leximancer Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia, ACN: 116 218 109