Leximancer is actively seeking partner relationships to expand its footprint worldwide and add value to the partner business; this can be on a re-seller or OEM basis.

Leximancer has been designed with an easy-to-use REST API to readily facilitate integration with partner platforms.

This proven platform will not only add value to the partner solution but deliver differentiation by providing the capability to offer rapid, bias-free text analytics that requires no set-up, is language independent and delivers meaning and insight from your own application environment.

Potential applicants for the Partner Programme are expected to make the investment and commitment required to facilitate the product functionality, application and integration knowledge transfer that is essential for any partner engagement to be successful.

Leximancer is a complementary solution offering for partners that provide software solutions for:

  • intelligence profiling
  • contact centers
  • legal research
  • brand monitoring businesses
  • email security and analysis
  • qualitative market research
  • voice-to-text applications, e.g. brainstorming meetings, training

As a licensed partner of Leximancer, you will have access to all the latest updates through our advanced product development programme and ongoing scientific research.

Become a Partner

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