Supported Platforms and Browsers:


  • Operating Systems:

    • Windows: 7, 8, 10

      • 64 Bit Windows Only

    • MacOS:

      • Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave

  • User Interface / Web Browsers:

    • Note: The Leximancer Desktop user interface is presented in your web browser

      IE 11, IE Edge, Firefox 45+, Chrome 50+, and Safari 9+

      • It is strongly recommended you use the latest versions of these browsers

    • The Leximancer Desktop engine runs on your computer. All data is stored locally. The Leximancer browser interface only interacts with the engine running on your computer.

  • Memory:

    • Leximancer Desktop defaults to use up to 1GB of RAM. It is recommended that the computer system have at least 4GB of RAM, with 8GB minimum preferred. Usage of other RAM intensive applications may degrade Leximancer performance.

  • Disk

    • Recommended to have at least 25GB free space plus additional space depending on Leximancer project source documents and project settings. (See below)

    • Leximancer should be installed on a local drive. Installation on network drives may significantly degrade performance.

    • Leximancer projects can generate data outputs that can be between 2 to 4X the size of the original document text content dependent heavily on Leximancer project configuration. For example if you have 10MB of source documents, plan on needing up to an additional 40MB disk space for the analysis.

    • All documents and projects are stored locally on your computer


  • IE 11, IE Edge, Firefox 45+, Chrome 50+, and Safari 9+

  • LexiPortal only requires a web browser and internet connection for use

  • All documents and projects are stored in the cloud in our data centres

  • 2GB project and data limit

Leximancer Desktop Software V4.0 [LEGACY]

  • Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X (10.9+) platforms

  • IE8-IE10, Firefox 30+, Chrome 33+, and Safari 8+  

  • Leximancer V4.0 presently will run on Windows XP. However, as Windows XP has passed end of life and is no longer supported by Microsoft, it is no longer officially supported.

  • Leximancer V4.0 may operate on earlier versions of OS X but are not officially supported.

  • Leximancer V4.0 requires a separate installation of Oracle Java, please see the installation FAQ ( for details.






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