Comparative Analysis of Australian Banking Royal Commision

We used @Leximancer to rapidly compare all the public submissions to the Australian #BankingRC (#BanksRC) with its final report, released today. The semantic indexes below indicate that the commission has in fact covered almost all the major issues raised in these submissions.

These indexes are generally used as a way to easily locate all the relevant sections of text for any theme or entity of interest.

Final Report.png

Rapid Review of IPCC Climate Change Report 2018

As the latest IPCC report on climate change, SR15, has been published, we at Leximancer thought it would be interesting to discover the conceptual model contained within. The resulting chart is not only a revealing model of how the IPCC sees this issue developing, but most importantly the interactive report can be used to systematically review the entire set of texts and rapidly identify threats and opportunities. Leximancer lets you prepare for a meeting in under an hour.


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