The Leximancer ‘on-demand’ Portal provides access to Leximancer in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), pay-as-you-go environment. You do not have to subscribe every month, but are charged only for your actual months of usage – on either a time or service basis. We will retain your data and projects on the Portal for up to two months.

The Leximancer Portal makes available all of the wide-ranging text analytics capability of Leximancer. It is of particular value to market researchers that need fast analysis of qualitative survey, spreadsheet or verbatim data.
The addition of the powerful Insight Dashboard, which can be created automatically, makes the Leximancer Portal a compelling rapid analysis platform.

PricE LIst

  • Commercial 1 month subscription: $369 AUD + GST

  • Academic 1 month subscription: $159 AUD + GST (to qualified academic staff and students.)


Lexiportal accounts have a combined source document and generated project data limit of 2 Gigabytes (2GB). 

Recommended Browsers for Use With LexiPortal

LexiPortal Version 4 is an advanced application that requires visualisation and rendering capabilities that not all legacy browsers support adequately. Leximancer has striven to provide legacy browser users with as much functionality as possible. Not all Leximancer visualisation features will be available in legacy browsers, and performance may be degraded, particularly for the map visualisations.


The LexiPortal platform is hosted by Leximancer Pty Ltd in data centres worldwide including the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific. Email support is available during standard Australian EST business hours. Project data is retained for up to 60 days following account expiry; no auto-archiving of data or projects. Due to to data management constraints a maximum of 2GB of storage space is provided. 

Data confidentiality is the responsibility of the user. Use of the platform is bound by Leximancer’s standard end-user license and/or subscription terms and conditions.

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