Leximancer is a useful instrument for researchers and analysts who need to explore a large text-based data set where manual analysis and coding would be too time consuming, e.g. qualitative survey data, multiple interview/focus group transcripts, lengthy reports or web-based textual information

Leximancer is a semantic analysis software tool. It employs a process referred to as unsupervised semantic mapping of natural language (qualitative data). The method can also be thought of as a form of text mining.

Leximancer employs two stages of information extraction: semantic and relational, using a different algorithm for each stage. It computes the frequency with which each word is used and then calculates the distance between each of the terms (co-occurrence). The algorithms used are statistical, but they employ non linear dynamics and machine learning. The results of computations are displayed as a concept map that can be explored on individual concept levels and also by looking at the family of associations between different concepts (themes).

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