Get to know the meaning of text like never before - in minutes, with the most precise and powerful text analysis engine at your finger tips.

Instant. Powerful. Precise.


Report and Share

LexiPortal makes it easier than ever before to share insights within your business. Faster, easier and pay as you go, with Lexi Portal you can publish insightful dashboard reports and share with your colleagues, partners or customers.

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Mitigate Bias in Analysis

Flawed data analysis leads to faulty conclusions and bad business outcomes. With Leximancer your results are completely void of human bias. Leximancer only gathers concepts that are actually there.

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Gain Insight

Quickly analyse a large amount of unstructured data such as social media feeds, customer surveys, emails, market research data, interview dialogues, incident reports, patents, legal documents, blogs, website data - in minutes.

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Intelligent and Automated

Unlike other text analysis softwares on the market, Leximancer’s unique concept based results don’t rely on a dictionary to be built or maintained. Through concept mapping, theme exploration and semantic analysis, gaining insight has never been more acurate.

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