Leximancer Concepts

In Leximancer, a concept is a group of related words (terms) that travel together in the text. Evidence words include synonyms and adjectives. Leximancer concepts begin with seed words, either automatically discovered by Leximancer or manually specified, for coding. The Leximancer learning process then evolves the concept seed definitions into a full thesaurus.

Concepts can be word-like, or Name-like (proper names, such as Peter or United States)

1. Can Leximancer Concept counts be compared to manual word counts in documents?

Not really. Leximancer builds concept families around words which it then uses to code or classify each 2 sentence block with the presence of multiple concepts.

Leximancer counts whole 2 sentence segments which contain a concept, not repetitions of words. Also there will be text segments which are coded with a concept which do not contain the word.

Note: The 2 sentence block size is the default and may be changed. Other project settings can affect how Leximancer processes text and the resulting concept counts.

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