Adjusting the amount of memory available to Leximancer

If you are run a project and are getting error messages mentioning Java Heap or Out of Memory you may need to adjust the amount of memory available to run Lexmancer.

The project memory is adjusted by running the Leximancer configuration application. On Windows, this is available in the Leximancer start menu folder, On OS X, it is in the same Application folder that Leximancer is installed in.

Leximancer Configuration Application

Leximancer Configuration Application

To use:

  1. Shutdown Leximancer
  2. Start the Leximancer configuration Application
  3. Click / Double Click on the Heap Size setting value (750 in this example)
  4. Adjust the memory value in megabytes
    • 750 = 750 Megabytes
    • 1000 = 1 Gigabytes
    • 2000 = 2 Gigabytes
  5. Click the Save button, then Close.
  6. Restart Leximancer

Warning: The amount of memory allocated to Leximancer should normally not be set to more than half of the available memory of your computer. So if your machine has 4GB of ram, do not set the Leximancer memory value above 2000.

Before adjusting the memory for Leximancer, you should review the project settings and size of the source text data to reduce memory requirements. Leximancer allows a great deal of flexibility in project configuration, but this also allows for setting up projects that require a tremendous amount of resource.

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