Systematically view and review your EndNote article collection with Leximancer

By Andrew E. Smith

Thanks to a tip-off from a research colleague, we have discovered that Leximancer can immediately catalogue and index your Endnote collection of article PDF files to provide:

  • a table of contents plus index for your entire research article library
  • a concept map visualisation,
  • the ability to integrate your understandings,
  • and a systematic review environment.

To achieve this you don't have to do anything special.

Just create a Leximancer project as normal.

When you come to the Leximancer Select Documents screen, use the Leximancer file selector to find your EndNote Library folder: in your home directory on Windows, or in your Documents directory on a Mac. You may need to open EndNote to find this folder if it isn't in one of those places. The folder you need to analyse with Leximancer is the PDF subdirectory of your EndNote data folder.

On a Mac, you are looking for the folder called:

My EndNote Library.Data/PDF

On Windows, that would be:

My EndNote Library.Data\PDF

Note carefully that you need to select the PDF subdirectory of your Endnote data folder. If you process the entire My EndNote Library.Data folder, you will probably get a useless map, because you will have processed all the other EndNote database files as well.

Select the  PDF  subdirectory of your My EndNote Library.Data folder

Select the PDF subdirectory of your My EndNote Library.Data folder

That's all you really have to do. 

Here is a concept catalogue of my rather small EndNote library:

Concept catalogue

Concept catalogue

You can also add tags to this Leximancer catalogue for each PDF article, but this takes a little more work. If you are interested in this procedure, please drop us a line.

To see how to perform a systematic review of your research library once you have processed it with Leximancer, please see this blog entry.

Please note that EndNote is a bibliographic database product published by Clarivate Analytics.

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