About Leximancer

Leximancer Pty Ltd has been providing leading-edge text analytics technology for almost 10 years.

The technology was created following 7 years research and development at the University of Queensland by Dr Andrew Smith.  Andrew's physics and cognitive science background, in conjunction with his working IT application experience, enabled him to envisage and develop an innovative solution to the growing need to readily determine meaning from unstructured, qualitative, textual data.

Hence, Leximancer was created and incubated paternally by Uniquest - the commercialisation arm of the University of Queensland - before successfully raising seed capital via Imprimatur Capital in London in 2007 and transitioning into new offices in Brisbane, Queensland.

Leximancer's technology is now proven, with customers all around the globe, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Norway, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, France, Greece, Singapore, Thailand, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Applications exist in market research, defence, government, consulting, insurance, legal, intelligence, pharmaceuticals and health care.

Leximancer Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia ACN: 116 218 109

Leximancer Pty Ltd, Brisbane, Australia, ACN: 116 218 109